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David Frons

David Frons

Optimum Promotional Products

The promotional product and logo apparel business has changed. Gone are the days of giant catalog books; everything’s on the web. But does that make it better? You might spend hours looking for the right product only to find it low on inventory, not the right color or too tough on your budget.

Hello, my name is David Frons. I am the Regional Customer Care Agent for Optimum Promotional Products and Logo Apparel. I’ve been involved with promotional products since I was a little boy working in my dad’s eyeglass store. Later, I was on the buying side of the desk choosing apparel and promo items as rewards and prizes for my sales teams.

Later still, I was on the selling side at an office services store that I franchised. And now, even later still, using my experience and industry connections, I’m able and ready to help my clients find the exact right product they need.